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Just as good (if not better) cold! This chicken recipe is really scrumptious, AND I ran into problems, as I had a very lean chicken, so not much basting juice. It was still incredibly succulent, moist, flavorful, and excellent to snack on! PetitFour, fabulous recipe - thanks!

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Lizzie-Babette April 09, 2003

Incredibly juicy chicken! And beautifully browned as Mean Chef noted. I too, ran out of basting liquid as Lizzie-Babette did, so I just add a bit of water and the dried juices on the pan bottom dissolved into more basting liquid. I also agree with her that it's even better the second day. Makes terrific sandwiches. I plan to use the carcass to make a version of MissPenny's Turkey Gumbo. Terrific recipe!!

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sugarpea November 01, 2003

Made this the other day for the first time. It was fantastic. Chicken was juicy and the skin was perfectly browned. Had no trouble with enough juices for basting after using up the melted butter.

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MEAN CHEF September 18, 2003

This was a great chicken. I only used 1 tbsp salt and used it for the skin as well as inside the bird. I greased my roasting pan, cut an onion into 8 pieces and put the chicken on top of that (I don't have a small rack for chicken). I also placed some cut up potatoes and about 10 garlic cloves around the chicken. During the last 20 min, I added some baby carrots. What a beautiful dish! After 1 hour, the chicken wasn't quite cooked through or browned enough (maybe an additional 20-30 minutes would be necessary?) but there were lots of delicious juices. I didn't taste much lemon, so I think I would place some lemon slices on top of the chicken next time. I look forward to making this again! The bones are now in the slow cooker, on their way to making chicken stock!

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Jen in Victoria, BC March 10, 2013

I made this quite a while back but forgot to rate it. I found that leaving the chicken uncovered really made the skin crispy when it was roasted. I followed the recipe except used lemon pepper instead of regular pepper. Easy to follow directions and nice flavors. Thanks for posting, P4.

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Garlic Chick March 10, 2012

This was really good. I followed the directions using a 6.7 lb chick so I 2x the ingred. I used lemon thyme b/c it's growing like a weed. I also cooked at 350 for 2hrs. I did baste every 20 minutes. There was a nice salt crust. The crust brushed right off so if someone didn't want the crust on it's not a big deal. The chicken itself wasn't salty at all. Actually, it was so moist it was practically dripping as I cut it. Delicious. The only down side is that the juices might be too salty to make gravy. I didn't make it this time but I usually use the juice for gravy then add it to the leftover chicken casserole the next day. I did reserve a small amount of juice for a casserole so I'll try it. The chicken is so moist I can't wait to have a sandwich. I will make this again but next time using the same 6.7 lb. chicken I'd change the salt to 3 tbls and the thyme to 5 tbls for personal pref.

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jrusk January 28, 2010


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tjif January 17, 2010

Very clear and easy to follow directions. I forgot the butter so I did not baste it. However, it still came out moist and tender. Love the fresh thyme. The seasoning amout was perfect. I put the lemon, garlic and thyme stems into the cavity when I initially seasoned the chicken (saved myself the additional mess later). I took it out of the refrigerator and left it on the counter for about hour before putting into the oven. Thank you.

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Nado2003 February 28, 2008

Yum! This chicken was very good. I used all of the salt and am glad that I did. Don't worry, it doesn't make the chicken too salty at all. The chicken was very moist and tender, and the meat had a great flavor. Thanks for the recipe.

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jnpj November 28, 2007
Salt-Rubbed Roast Chicken with Lemon & Thyme