Salt and Pepper Crusted Steak

Recipe by silky

A simple way to dress up steak before grilling. Very tasty. A crust develops on the steak that has to be cracked away before eating, but the steak inside is so worth it. Flavorful and succulent.

Top Review by Kim in Walnut Creek

This made for a wonderful, tender, flavorful steak. We used New Yorks (because that's what we had). I had a little trouble because I put too much of the mustard/oil spread on the steaks so the salt and pepper just mooshed around, so I wiped up the excess and used a light layer, then pressed the salt & pepper mixture in so it stuck. We didn't get a crust per se, so we didn't crack it away as indicated. It was way to salty so we wiped it off and the remaining meat was flavorful and delicious. I think this might take a little practice to get it right, but we will definitely try again because it was great! I used dijon mustard and the flavor it gave the meat was outstanding. Next time I might try using less oil to see my coating sticks better (I'll update my rating if I do). Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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  1. Trim excess fat from steak.
  2. Slash the fatty edge of the steak to keep it from curling.
  3. Mix oil and mustard and spread it in a thick layer over the steak, top and bottom.
  4. Mix salt with pepper and coat steak with this mixture, pressing the layer firmly onto the steak.
  5. Place steak on wax paper and let stand for 30 minutes at room temperature.
  6. Place steak 6 inches above gray coals and grill for 20 minutes on each side for rare, 25 minutes per side for medium.
  7. Use tongs to turn the steak to keep from piercing the meat.
  8. Break the crust from the steak and cut meat into thin slices across the grain.
  9. Serve as is or on rye bread toast.

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