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I actually had decided to make these before I saw the posting on here. I'm really trying to cut down on my red meat intake and seeing that I really love ground turkey, it's not really that difficult. I used the extra lean ground turkey and cooked them on my george foreman grill...only 4 minutes tops to finish and no extra calories or fat. For the avocado sauce I would highly recommend adding the mayo in one tablespoon in at a time. I maybe used 2 tops. I like mayo, but when I actually looked at the amount, 1/2 cup is a lot of only one avocado. I will say, that if you're using the smaller hamburger buns instead of kaiser rolls...make 5 burgers instead of 4. Overall very good..I will be making again

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WineLover77 June 02, 2008

This was easy and absolutely delicious. I knew if I told my husband what the ingredients were ahead of time, he would turn up his nose, so I didn't and he loved these burgers. Definitely a keeper.

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Katie Freund March 23, 2007
Salsa Verde Turkey Burger