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Ha, I realized this was a no-cook recipe only after the salsa was simmering on the stove! I didn't have enough lime juice, so I substituted lemon, but I still think I won't necessarily use the tomato paste next time. It was a little too recognizable a taste, we found. Kinda sweetish. I love that this recipe calls for a volume of crushed tomatoes or tomato puree though, rather than x-number of pounds of tomatoes. My tomatoes are ripening indoors off the vine now and I never have more than a handful ready at a time, so I crush them up and throw them in the freezer, but then using my old salsa recipe, I never knew how much tomato to use. Will use this recipe again, but will probably tweak it a little. And I won't cook it!!!

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Swan Valley Tammi September 24, 2007
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