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This salsa is WONDERFUL! I had been looking for a great recipe like this, and I especially liked it because it used banana peppers. Anyone who plants a garden with a couple of banana pepper plants knows how much they yield, but what do you do with the things? I tried this recipe in the summer, 2003 and we loved it. Last summer (2004) I canned two batches, and now this summer (2005) I hope to can at least 3 batches. My daughter loves to mix a little sour cream with the salsa and eat it with tortilla chips, and I have to admit that it's delicious. I am going to give some pints of this salsa to relatives & friends for Christmas. This recipe is GREAT. Thank you, Amy. (NOTE: to those who may not have ever used cornstarch, you just can't dump the cornstarch into the hot salsa--you have to mix it with some water first and stir it to make it smooth and then add it to the salsa. If you just dump it in, you will have a mess of clumps in your salsa.)

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Jewelee September 17, 2005

This is wonderful salsa! I doubled the recipe and canned it. I didn't quite double the amount of cornstarch, though, as I didn't want "gummy" salsa. This tastes great, and has just the right touch of sweetness. Yum! And thanks, Laurie!

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Patressa Smelser August 19, 2003

How big is a crowd? This was just enough for 15 friends armed with tortilla chips and sour cream. There was just a bit left over, so I froze it in small Tupperware containers for individual use. I didn't have any banana peppers, but generic Middle Eastern hot peppers worked just fine. I can't wait to make up another batch!

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Mirj June 29, 2003

I didn't have banana peppers so I used Jalapenos and did not use cornstarch at all. I didn't want the salsa to get pasty after it had sat in a jar for awhile. Turned out pretty good.

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enigma535 August 24, 2004
Salsa for a crowd