Salsa Cruda

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15 mins
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I made this salsa for a Mexican themed party we had for our family. Everybody loved it. There really is nothing like fresh salsa. It beats the canned stuff any day. For a time-saver,I didn't roast the jalapenos it calls for,but just added them as is.I also couldn't find the dry chilis so omitted those as well.It still came out perfect.Add as many or as little jalapenos as you want depending on the strength of youre taste buds.Bon apetite.

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  1. In a bowl combine all ingredients.
  2. Place in refrigerator for up to 12 hours.
  3. This will infuse all the flavors.
  4. Serve with tortilla chips.
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This was great - it totally kills a boring tomato salsa. . I also added 3 tablespoon of fresh cilantro (coriander) and 3/4 cup of corn kernals! Delicious

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Delicious as posted. I used all the peppers, fresh, dried, roasted and not and the salsa was lively! Thanks for sharing.

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This is such a fresh tasting, delicious salsa recipe! I begged veruca to share this recipe on Zaar and am so happy she did.:) I made this last night, following the suggestions in the description and using an orange pepper instead of red pepper, and it came out so colorful and with great flavor. I used all 4 jalapenos. I think the addition of the sweet bell pepper in this is one of the key ingredients - it is a nice balance to the spicier peppers. Addictive!