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Very zesty, and very easy. The spices seemed rather heavy to me, but I acknowledge that DH and I don't go real spicy. So the difference from 5 stars is due to personal preference, not an error in the recipe. I'm interested to see how this tastes the 2nd day. I used 1 can of diced tomatoes, but followed the recipe otherwise. Thanks for sharing this recipe, mama's kitchen! Made for I Recommend Tag based on Mami Janine's review.

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KateL July 19, 2009

I was curious about this salsa because I had never had a salsa borracha that included tomatoes, fresh chiles or butter. I made it to top some shredded beef flautas and it was so good. I also used serranos because that's what I usually keep in the house and decreased the amount of garlic to just one clove. I used as it was, but maybe I'll puree it next time. Thank you for posting mama! Made for Bevy Tag.

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Mami J March 20, 2009

I had to try this Just because the name caught my eye. I always heat up salsa before serving because I don't like to put cold salsa on my tacos. ;) Not sure what I was suppose to do with the rest of the beer, so I did the obvioius.... and drank it! This was extremely easy to make. I did use a can of stewed tomatoes with halapenos, then added a serrano pepper .... my personal favorite chile, then pured the batch and added sliced green onions. The taste was unexpectedly WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing this easy, no excuse for no salsa recipe. I will definitely make again! We served this over tacos and loved that it was warm. (Made for Bevy Tag 09) ~V

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Vseward (Chef~V) February 02, 2009
Salsa Borracha or Drunk Salsa