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Yum! Just the type of salsa recipe I was looking for. I made this with my husband and sons and it was so much fun. We did use our (brand new) food processor. This recipe is great with tortilla chips, AND we served it on top of breakfast quesadillas (see Fast Breakfast Quesadilla By BaybeShell on Food.com). THANK YOU for posting this recipe!!!! It was the only one I found here that suited my taste.

Our modifications: 2 fresh tomatoes (instead of canned) cut in half and sliced in the food processor, then added back in with everything else for dicing after the peppers and onions; for fun we used a mix of peppers - 1/2 green pepper, 1/2 red pepper, 1 whole mini sweet red, 1 whole mini sweet orange, 1 whole mini sweet yellow and 1 whole jalapeno; only 1 teaspoon of salt (instead of tablespoon); for me I needed shakes of black, red & white pepper b/c I like cayenne in just about everything; we didn't bother pre-chopping the fresh cilantro leaves.

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butterflymome July 23, 2011