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The fresh flavours of this dish show off the ingredients so make sure that you don't skimp on quality! I like fish cooked this way but it's very boring looking so the colours of the tomato, cucumber and fresh dill added something to the way that I have made it in the past. Made for the Tasty Testers for ZWT9. Thanks ellie_! :)

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Nif August 06, 2013

This is really good, and would be a great dish for a group. I made just two servings, using flounder because that was what I pulled out of the freezer. The lemon infused oil is such a nice touch. I was tired from shoveling mountains of snow, so made one package for both fillets - the fragrance when I cut it open was just lovely. Omitted the cucumbers as I've never liked them cooked. Really, you could adopt this technique with all kinds of fish and herbs. I suspect you might need more oil/white wine if really making 10 servings. I spooned my sauce over rice on the side and you definitely want to have that available.

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duonyte February 10, 2010
Salmon With Tomatoes and Cucumbers