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I really liked this simple recipe that allowed the goodness of the fish to shine through. I thought the herb combination was very nice (and very pretty on the fish, too), and I will definitely make this recipe again as my kids gobbled it down.

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evelyn/athens June 27, 2007

I made this on the grill by laying down foil grilling the salmon and then adding the oil/herbs/juice mix after I turned it, then basting a little more towards the ends. I wasn't to crazy about the dill and cilantro combination, though I liked the cilantro with the salmon. I would have like the fish to have more of the flavors so I might try this again but marinading the fish for a little while in the mixture before grilling. Reviewed for ZWT3

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momaphet June 21, 2007

My sister teasingly calls us food snobs since I became a RZ fanatic. We prefer to think of it as being more discriminating, but she is close to being right if our fresh salmon is on the menu. A 7 lb beauty came out of my freezer late yesterday & was served tonite w/garlic cabbage & potatoes. I echo comments made by Thorsten. This is a lovely recipe that lets the salmon shine as it rightfully should. I know I have not TYL, so consider it said and thx for sharing this recipe w/us.

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twissis December 01, 2006

Made so fast, but always to remember. A fantastic salmon recipe. The herbs add so much flavour to the grilled salmon. And the olive oil is like a frame. I have broiled the salmon only for 2 minutes, because I like the salmon, when it is not done completely. I spooned the sauce on the salmon and broiled it for another 2 minutes, but not so close as before (I didn't want to burn the herbs). The outcome was perfect. The salmon just as I like it and the herbs, not burned, release all the fnatstic flavours. A delicious and easy to make salmon recipe, where the salmon will melt in your mouth. Thanks for sharing this keeper.

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Thorsten April 16, 2006
Salmon With Olive Oil & Herbs