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This is special occasion sauce at it's best! It is very easy to make, there are several steps, but they are short and worth it. The one vanilla bean I was going to purchase was $11 and I really didn't want to spend that on one little bean, so I used pure vanilla extract instead. With advice from the chef, I added 1/4 tsp of vanilla after the first reduction in step 2. There was just a hint of the vanilla, but I didn't want to add more because vanilla can be overpowering. I sprinkled my salmon with pepper, onion powder and dill and baked it in the oven then poured the sauce on top of it. This sauce is so unique all of those flavors that I never would have though to put together, green curry, vanilla, 2 entire cups of alcohol, well it all came together and tasted fabulous. The only problem was that we felt that the sauce didn't pair up well with the salmon, it is such a strong flavorable sauce that we didn't really taste the salmon at all. So, that being said we really feel that it would be to die for on a beef filet and that's what we will try with it next time. Thanks Annacia!

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HeidiSue January 14, 2007

I liked this... it was a nice combination of flavours, the one thing that I think held it back was that the green curry paste was a tiny bit too predominant and I think I would personally use more ginger next time. I must say that I think that this recipe is one where personal preferences *might* see a difference in reviews as DH didn't like this nearly as much as I did. I must say that the vanilla was a little more than a hint too, which I also liked better than DH. Please see my rating system: I would make this again for myself, and I think that the fact that DH didn't like it "quite so much" shouldn't detract from the fact that there is a distinctive mix of great flavours here, it just might suit some more than others. A good recipe to have tried, Thanks!

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kiwidutch February 18, 2007
Salmon With Curried Vanilla Rum-Butter Sauce