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This was so good! I just love how everything went together, and I really loved the sauce. It just made the salmon come alive. Everything went so well together that I plan on making this again.

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Studentchef August 21, 2009

Part I- This is one of two RSC #14 recipes I had decided to review, out of a total of 54 recipes. Plus your recipe had many of my favorite ingredients as well, so I was looking forward to making it. Since you had used six of the Listed Ingredients I decided to substitute one ingredient, creme fraiche with sour cream (both are similar). However, the sour cream is a little thicker but when adding the lemon juice it became just the right consistency. Adding fresh dill, capers, Hellmanns mayonnaise and horseradish made this sauce a perfect topping for the salmon (next time I will add more horseradish to taste). Further, the Nappa cabbage was also good and I cooked it so it was a little crunchy. Overall, the salmon and creamy sauce made for a wonderful combination and I enjoyed your FIVE STAR recipe very much! . Part II- I had one left over salmon fillet (already cooked) and Napa cabbage, so heated it up a little for my lunch the next day. So I decided to make the Creamy Sauce again, but this time using creme fraiche (and not a sour cream substitute). It turned out that both creamy sauces were almost identical in thickness and taste, so this recipe still gets a FIVE STAR rating from me.

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Skipper/Sy August 21, 2009

This sauce was amazing. The salmon is simple. I used some Penzy's lemon pepper seasoning. We weren't certain about the Napa cabbage, however. I think the next time, I'm going to use red cabbage or a green with more flavor, perhaps kale. We'll definitely make this again.

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OliveLover November 18, 2013

This recipe was wonderful, so many different tastes and all ingredients blended together so well. I cut the calories down a little and used plain Greek yogurt in the sauce instead of crème fraiche and it was equally as good the second time. A few slices of cucumber on the side with the dill sauce is very good also. This is truly one of my favorite salmon recipes.

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muzny October 26, 2013
Salmon With a Creamy Sauce on a Bed of Greens