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This recipe was made for the Hidden Gems Event following the RSC#14 contest. Not only did this recipe turn out to be 5 stars and a Gem, but another of ~Rita~s recipes was also a 5 star Gem as well. Being single I only used three-quarters of a lb of Salmon so the finished dish had 8 patties (did not make round fish balls). I also added some Sun-Dried Tomatoes as well, instead of Cranberries (and less Pimentos). I cooked the patties in a Teflon pan, so used less oil and they came out crispy (not burned, over-cooked). I did see a little of the cheese bubbling out, however, when the patties were finished and put on a plate the inside became harder (not gooey as described). Further, I also decided to make the Optional Sauce which turned out to be very good. I again added some Sun Dried-Tomatoes (less Pimentos) and Capers instead of Pickled relish. The sauce was very good! Ok, here is the bonus treat a second Gem recipe from ~Rita~(not part of the RSC Contest); Broccoli With Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Roasted Garlic Broccoli With Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Roasted Garlic To continue, on a big serving plate I put the Broccoli around the outside rim, then the patties in the center and then some Sauce on top of each. Both these recipes are 5 stars for a grand total of 10 stars. Thanks for creating and posting these recipes, they were both delicious!

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Skipper/Sy August 29, 2009
Salmon Surprise Balls