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This recipe has an 8 star potential, but lacks the specific information to make it a success. My review is based on the choices I made for cooking 1/2 the recipe. I bought 1" thick fillets and 1 pound of fresh baby spinach. I chose Swiss Ementhal cheese, 1/2 cup white wine, 1/2 cup cream and 1 tsp of dried basil. The sauce was devine and the fish a tad over done. I expected the spinach to serve as a bed for the salmon but even with using fresh and doubling the amount it got lost in the sauce. I will make this again, checking the salmon after 30 mins. and serving it on a bed of fresh cooked spinach.

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Lorac April 13, 2003

This casserole was delish! I eat salmon because it's good for me, not because I like it. Anyone would love salmon this way! My husband (who does like salmon) LOVED this recipe! It's certainly not low calorie but I figure the spinach and salmon are so good for you, they cancel out the cream. ;-)<br/> I did use the lower fat Neufchatel cream cheese and 1/2c of the cream and a little bit less than 14 oz of grated (colby jack) cheese. I used a huge box of fresh baby spinach (It was falling out of the baking dish as I started, so I put it in the pre-heating oven to wilt down so the rest of the ingredients would fit, and at serving time it was 'just enough' spinach. Amazing how that stuff disappears as you cook it. As a very experienced cook,I was okay with the missing details in the recipe, but I understand that would be annoying to a newbie. Oh yes, the salmon was almost overcooked so I will decrease the cooking time next time I do it.

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cindymcdaniel2 September 03, 2014

This was soooo delicious! I kept the cooking time, but reduced it to 380 F. I didn't have enough cream cheese, so I added Ricotta Cheese to the cream. I didn't have white wine on hand, so I substituted water plus lemon juice and wine vinegar. I only used 8 oz. of Pizza Cheese comb. I omitted salt and put Sicilian Seasoning (V. Taylor's) on the salmon. I used a combination of fresh baby spinach & Creamed on top. And I also used a few chopped onion pieces on top of the spinach. Thanks for such a great recipe! I will do it again.

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kleine_rosa_hexe May 12, 2008

I used a 650 gram salmon fillet, 8 ounces lite cream cheese, 1/2 cup lite cream, 1/4 cup wine and about 1/2-1 cup grated cheese (served 4) Cooked the salmon for 30 minutes and it was lovely and moist. The sauce is delicious! Great recipe.

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Evie* January 31, 2006
Salmon Spinach Casserole