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Ugh, so delicious. I live alone so I made a serving for 2 and ate it all for myself! I'm almost sad I didn't make more because I want seconds! The serving for 2 made about 3-4 patties, palm sized, with one salmon filet. <br/>GREAT recipe.

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Jessica M. February 07, 2015

I love salmon patties and the sauce on these is fantastic. I was running short of time and did not allow these to rest in the refrigerator and I do think they would have been much better. Also, thank you for the corn flake idea. I crumbled corn flakes into the mix and used in place of the breadcrumbs. Thanks much for sharing the recipe.

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PaulaG January 22, 2014

These were just divine, I have lots of salmon fish cake and patty recipes that I make, most of them old family recipes, but these were great mainly due to the mix of ingredients........we both loved the melange of flavours which gave the patties a piquant taste and lovely texture. But, the star of this recipe is most definitely the wasabi mayonnaise, which was just DIVINE! I didn't have any wasabi sauce, so I used some wasabi paste, but less of it. I halved the recipe as there was only the two of us, and the recipe yielded 6 patties - we had 3 patties each served with masses of salad with grated carrot. The perfect lunch for a lazy almost spring like January Sunday. Made for Zurie's cook-a-thon in memory of her beloved Gideon.

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French Tart January 19, 2014

Wow, what a fantastic recipe for salmon patties. I made this as written except that I had wasabi in a tube, so I cut the amount in half. It's so easy that this would be a perfect dish to get the kids to make. I got 8 patties and dry-fried them on a non-stick griddle. The mayo is divine and the kind of sauce I'll make for other uses. Thanks so much for posting.

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Leggy Peggy January 18, 2014

This is definately a keeper for me...going into my Favorites of 2014. I made the recipe as written only cutting it in half for DH and I and adding some panko along with the cornflakes crumbs (which I have never used before in salmon patties) to coat the outside of the patties. I did use just cornflake crumbs for the patties themselves. I did let them sit in the fridge for a couple of hours but all DH could do was say "yummmmmm". I served these with a green salad using your Taste of France Salad Dressing#484426. Both keepers. Thank you for posting. Made in memory of Zurie's DH cook-a-thon.

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mama smurf January 13, 2014

This was a lovely twist on a favorite comfort food. The wasabi sauce made it extra special. I followed the recipe (using the cornflake crumbs), but baked the patties in a nuwave oven. They came out crispy with no frying si that was a hit too. Made for the cookathon in your DH memory.

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Susie D January 26, 2014
Salmon Patties With Seasoned Mayo