Salmon Patties With Salmon Glaze

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READY IN: 18mins
Recipe by Caryn Dalton

I love good country comfort food that is also good for you. These salmon patties are easy, fairly quick and inexpensive to prepare. They are moist on the inside but crisp-et-ey on the outside...a combination we love! If you've never heard of salmon patties but like the taste of canned salmon (not sardines), give these a try and see what you think. BTW, canned salmon is very very good for you. So, enjoy a serving and pat yourself on the back for boosting your family's health! This makes about 10 -1/2 inch thick patties that are approximately 2 inches in diameter.

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  1. For the glaze:.
  2. Lightly drain juices from Salmon by pressing into the can of salmon with a slotted spoon while pouring out juices into a small saucepan. Add 1/8 cup of water to this juice and turn heat to medium low. Slowly whisk in the 1 TB of cornstarch into this juice mixture and every few minutes whisk it good so it thickens and forms your salmon sauce. When the patties are done, so should the sauce be.
  3. For the patties:.
  4. Put the salmon you just drained into another bowl and flake with a fork. Do not remove any bones or skin. Just flake.
  5. Now, add the eggs and mix with your fork.
  6. Add your course processed croutons with the fork.
  7. For the coating:.
  8. Add at least 1/2 cup of panko into a shallow bowl and set aside for now. You may add more panko to this bowl later.
  9. Using two 12 inch or bigger fry pans (I like cast iron) put two TB of OLIVE oil in each pan and swirl to coat the bottom of the pan evenly. You want a nice thick coating on bottom, but not so much that your patties will be swimming in oil. Heat on medium high heat until oil starts to shimmer. At this point, patties are ready to begin cooking. You want the oil hot enough that the patties sizzle, but the oil should not be smoking or smelling overheated.
  10. While oil is heating, shape patties with your hand so that they are about the size of the cut out metal lid from your salmon can. You want them about 1/2 inch thick all over -- and not domed in the middle. As each one is shaped, press it into your bowl of panko bread crumbs then flip over and press the other side. If your patty breaks apart, press it back together. This is not rocket science. Get a good coating of panko and put your patty into the pan. It should sizzle, but not smoke or spatter. A note about Panko:I have tried numerous coatings -- panko is the only one that has ever given me the crispy light and non-greasy texture I am looking for. You can find Panko at your supermarket in the Asian section. I bought mine at a Super Walmart.
  11. Moving quickly, shape and coat the rest of your patties, putting them into the pan. When you are done shaping them all, peek at your first patty and see if it is starting to turn a nice golden color underneath. If it is, then flip it over and cook on the other side. You should end up cooking them a total of about 6-7 minutes, flipping once during that time to ensure both sides are a golden brown color. Add more oil as necessary. Don't try to cook in a dry pan -- just doesn't turn out the same.
  12. Eat these hot as they are not as good cold. To avoid spoiling the crispy texture of the patties, serve sauce on the side and dip pieces of salmon patty in the sauce.
  13. TIP #1: If the first ones start to get done before the last ones, just put them on a hot plate in a 200 oven to keep them warm until all are ready.
  14. TIP #2: You can shape all the patties first and then press into the panko right before putting the patties into the hot pan. I don't do it that way because then all the patties start to turn golden at the same time and I don't have as much wiggle room to flip them or remove them from the pan.
  15. Hope you enjoy this recipe.

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