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I used baby portabella mushrooms which I sliced for the sauce which was wonderful (will definitely be using that again) and did have to omit the celery for dietary reasons but I ended up with a very sloppy mix which was impossible to form into patties so added an extra 200 grams of red salmon and the mix was just right and formed 6 100 gram patties which worked out well for the 4 of us with the DH and DS getting 2 each and 1 was plenty for the DM and I. These are very delicate patties and I really enjoyed them as they were but the DH thought they could have done with some mashed potato in them and have been crumbed but it was these very aspects being missing from the recipe which attracted me to it and wanting the make it. Thank you for a lovely dinner breezermom, made for Went to Market tag game.

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I'mPat July 03, 2013

My family loved the patties. My husband didn't like the sauce but he doesn't like mushrooms. My daughter and I loved it all. I did substitute home canned tuna because at the last minute we couldn't find our canned salmon. I will try it again this week. Hmmm Thanks for sharing.

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Marcie H September 28, 2010

This recipe makes some of the best salmon patties that I've ever tasted. I skipped the soy sauce in the sauce and used a sprinkle of Half Salt instead that and using sliced mushrooms (I buy them fresh but sliced) were my only changes. One of these patties is really filling. I tried to use the fat as little as possible but I still ended up using more than I would have so I'm looking at this as a special treat and will be extra low fat for the next couple of days. It was worth it! *wink*

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Annacia September 27, 2010

This recipe is so great. The sauce amazing. I couldn't wait to taste it. The smell was so tempting LOL For the patties, I omitted the salt. I used freshly ground black pepper. They were very sticky to work with. But I was able to have nice patties :) For the sauce, the mushrooms were too big so I halved them. Thanks Breezermom :) Made for Newest Zaar tag

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Boomette September 05, 2010
Salmon Patties With Mushroom Sauce