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These were good!! I used canned salmon instead of fresh. I didn't quite get all of the oil out of the can so the mixture was a little mushy/oily. The first patty I made fell apart when I tried to turn it over in the skillet. I added about 1/4 cup of flour to the rest of the mixture to firm it up a little bit. That made the other patties easier to turn in the skillet. I am going to try this recipe again using fresh salmon after I get me a food processor. Thanks for a good recipe Di.

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AuntWoofieWoof March 19, 2004

the food ia really tasty. May be you can consider to use just 2 eggs instead of 3, 2 teaspoon caper instead of 1 and add a bit nutmeg. I think this would help make the food not so feeling.

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Chef Emique March 31, 2005

I only gave this recipe 4 stars because of the difficulty in working with the patties (i.e. the flip). I did have to fry them fairly long to keep them together, so they kind of looked too well done, even though they tasted great. I’m sure that I won’t eat this recipe very often because of dietary concerns, but I very much liked the taste and texture. In my opinion these cakes have an interesting taste and a wonderful smooth texture on the inside. I will definitely make these again. Thanks.

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Mike McCartney January 15, 2005
Salmon Patties-Swiss Style