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Wow, so simple with great presentation and would be an ideal dinner party starter!. At first I imagined a disaster at trying to form the parmesan cups in the bottom of wine bottles but it worked really well. Because the cheese stays a little soft in the baking tray and the wine bottle naturally cools and sets the cheese it was really easy. I easily made 4 cups with one wine bottle so I think a single bottle could be used to form about 8 cups. And as for the taste it was just splendid, it was hard to imagine that fresh parmesan and this simple technique would look and taste so classy! Only thing I didn't have was fresh dill so used a teaspoon of dried dill in with the mixture rather than using as a garnish.

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Peter J April 08, 2007

I tried this as an entree for some very discerning friends. They rated it very highly. Of course I varied the recipe to suit the occasion.
When melting the cheese I put it on to baking paper which I had cut into squares - one square for each cup. This made it easier to slide off on to the upturned muffin pan I used to shape my cups. I also used smoked Tasmanian trout instead of salmon. I have since seen another variation on My Kitchen Rules. It really is a very exciting and original idea.

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HomecookSue April 22, 2011

My children enjoy tuna and that is what I used in this recipe. They loved it.

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Lynn St-Amand November 29, 2007

These are so yummy, I made 15 bite size cups and everyone really enjoyed them. These will be perfect for finger food or cocktail parties. I think the mixture could be made few hours before and refrigerated until ready to use and the cups can be made 10 minutes before serving. I followed the recipe as written but only used soy mayonnaise and smoked salmon. Thank you Jewelies

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Chef floWer August 31, 2007

Beautiful and delicious! These make great-looking appetizers. I like making parmesan crisps to go with salad, but never thought of forming them into elegant cups! Thanks for posting this...it's definitely a keeper!

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Annisette August 04, 2007
Salmon Parmesan Cups