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Enjoyed But I did make a few changes. I do cook salmon and puff pastry often. I used 3/4 pound salmon. I just couldn`t cook it for an hour knowing I was cooking it again in the puff pastry. So I pre cooked it stoved top by simmering it in the wine till just before done 10 minutes. Then I brushed the pastry with an egg wash and sprinkled it with seasoned salt. BAKED in a 450 degree oven for 15 minutes. So I cut the cooking time down by over an hour and a half! And I found this to be soooo good the way I baked it! The dill came through so wonderfully fresh and the sour cream gave it nice a creamyness and added richness. Good Eats!

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Rita~ October 09, 2005

I tried the recipe using the suggested modifications above (simmer the salmon stove then back) and it came out great. I used phyllo dough instead of pastry puff bc I just didn’t know there was a difference and that was all I could find at the grocery store and it still came out fine. It was also pretty easy, I’m not cook and I thought it came out tasty and looked nice

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soniatews November 07, 2005

Delish!! I'm so happy I made this. My husband and kids really enjoyed it. I took the advice of Rita and simmered it the stove. I've never worked with puff pastry before and it found it to be rather simple. I will be making this again. I made this for 123 Hits. Thanks for posting.

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barefootmommawv March 28, 2009
Salmon in Puff Pastry