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I will admit that I was somewhat skeptical making this as I was afraid that all the lovely salmon flavour would be overpowered by the ranch dressing. I only had peppercorn ranch and used that. I also took the lazy way out and used real bacon bits instead of the cooked bacon. It was a great meal - quite tasty and easy to make. Served with baby potatoes and asparagus. Thanks for posting a definite keeper!

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cyaos May 20, 2009

This is a wonderful super easy way to prepare salmon with an outstanding result. I loved how moist the fish came out and the topping is delicious. I added some chopped sun-dried tomatoes at the end as opposed to fresh. I also cooked the fish in a pan skin side down to crisp up skin, topped with ranch, cheese and bacon and then cooked under the broiler for the remainder of cooking. I will definitely be enjoying this one again as you could not get a simpler recipe that has such a yummo flavour.

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The Flying Chef December 23, 2008

A very tasty fish recipe! I only made one mistake--since I was using a cookie sheet and not a broiler pan, I raised the oven rack one up from where I normally broil (normally, the pan surface is about 4" from the heat, and raising it one put the cookie sheet 4" from the heat)--bad mistake--I nearly burnt the recipe to a crisp! Luckily I noticed in the nick of time and followed DreamoBway's plan and turned off the broiler and let the fish sit in the hot oven to finish cooking. Even partly blackened, this fish was a solid 4* recipe, so I'm guessing it should really be 5* and have rated accordingly. Made for ZWT4.

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helowy June 28, 2008

Wonderful and easy way to make delicious fish. The ranch dressing adds flavour, but is not distinctive. The bacon and feta are very tasty additions. Yummo!

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Leggy Peggy June 17, 2008

5 stars through and through. You're right in that the ranch isn't overpowering. Its flavor is present along with the bacon and feta, but the flavor of the salmon itself is present as well, and wonderful! In my hurry to to get it on the table, I just threw everything on and tossed it in the broiler. Oops! When I saw that the feta was "caramelizing", I turned the broiler off and just let the fish cook with the residual heat. It still turned out great. You've got an excellent recipe here, Chef! Thank you so much for posting! Reviewed for ZWT 4.

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DreamoBway June 11, 2008
Salmon for Everyone!