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This was a big time hit in our house this evening. I started with 1 big Coho Salmon steak from the freezer and made half the recipe which turned out utterly delicious.Even the sauce was a success. Gotta love the nutritional numbers are very good as well.. Made for Culinary Quest 2014, Salmon 101 Challenge.

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Annacia September 06, 2014

Made this again and love it even more! It's salmon season and hubby is pulling in his limit of 6 pinks a day so I have a freezer full of salmon! I remembered this recipe and the next time he brought fresh salmon home, I baked 4 in the oven in foil and then boned them all at once. I kept 6 cups out and froze the rest in freezer bags.
I made the recipe exactly as it is written except I made a mistake by dumping the corn flakes whole instead of crushed! I just mixed it up anyway and let it set a bit in the fridge, they held together great!
Definately a keeper (haven't tried the sauce yet, I love tartar sauce too much, Thanks Evelyn

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boy named Sous August 29, 2011

Found this recipe while browsing the photo forum - the awesome looking photo had me checking out the recipe. Just knew it was another of Evelyn's recipes that would be a hit at our house - and it was. As Bergy made mention I did up the sauce early in the day. Used canned salmon and made as posted - great Salmon Cakes! No changes needed for this one.The sauce so good it will be made and offered when serving salmon. Coleslaw made using Andypandy's dressing from Just the Best Coleslaw 1999made for a perfect lunch. Thank you Evelyn, it's a recipe that will be shared with family and friends.

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Gerry February 26, 2009

I cut the recipe in half and perhaps this affected the moisture in the fish cakes -Also I used Salmon canned in water. I found the fish cakes a bit dry. I made the Lemon Herb Mayo early in the day to allow the lemon/thyme/ horseradish to fuse. I loved this sauce even better than your standard Tartae sauce and will serve this with other fish dishes. Thanks evelyn for posting this recipe 20 Feb 09 Made these again with leftover baked salmon they were perfect - Great flavor

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Bergy February 21, 2009

We *loved* these! I used 1 large can of salmon, removing the bones and skin but not drained. With the added liquid, I needed every bit of the crumbs. After mixing and forming into loose patties, I coated the outsides with cracker crumbs and refrigerated them for an hour or so - a technique I always use to make sure they hold together when frying. I needed more than the 2 tablespoons of butter for frying since mine were cold and took a bit longer. These puppies were moist and fall-apart tender with a lovely light flavor; the thyme is subtle but it's there. The sauce - I am not a fan of mayo but the horseradish and thyme turned this into a treat! DH even abandoned his customary ketchup (ugh!) in favor of the mayo. I am so glad I chose this recipe(s)! Thanks for posting!

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SusieQusie December 12, 2007
Salmon Cakes With Lemon - Herb Mayonnaise