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Delicious, easy to make pasta that's fast enough for a weeknight, too. I added a little more thyme and black pepper, also used green onions (about 1 bunch, ~7), and added some fresh parmesan cheese, but other than that, didn't change a thing. Note that the sauce is a broth-y one, rather than a thick, creamy one. We used up half a loaf of french bread to sop up all the great-tasting broth. Really delicious - plan to make again, and add this to the list of recipes I'm confident to make for guests. Thanks, JC!

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Lizzie-Babette January 14, 2003

This is the best pasta you'll ever taste. Easy to prepare. Kids like it too!

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Trevor Koo August 02, 2002

I've made this dish twice now and the flavours are really great. The 21 minutes listed to make it is ambitious, but 30 minutes wouldn't be far off, in any case very quick to put together. As listed, I find the sauce to be a little thin. I made a quick roux, then mixed in some of the sauce and recombined. This left me with a sauce that was more the thickness that I was looking for. Thanks for a great recipe, and I would defiantly recommend this to anyone!

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Marina K April 10, 2008

This was very good. The tastes are subtle but nice. It was easy to prepare, we did grill the salmon and then add it to the pasta when we added the sauce. Due to a clam allergy, i substituted chicken broth instead of the clam juice. Initially, i was a bit underwhelmed with the flavors but like i said before, it is subtle and very nice. The presentation was lovely, a very light sauce, easy to make but good enough for company. We served it with a green salad and french bread. Thanks for a lovely recipe!

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Kimke October 25, 2004
Salmon and Leek Pasta