Sally Lunn Bread

READY IN: 5hrs 30mins
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Sally Lunn is one of those recipes that is so old it can be called a "receipt," the name given to instructions in cookery up until several generations ago. The way to prepare and serve it, however, is as varied as the stories about why it is called "Sally Lunn."As to the name, there are those who say that Sally was the daughter of a pastry cook in Bath, England. Because the bun is similar to a French brioche, others say she must have been a French Huguenot woman who baked them. Then they say that no French lady would be named Lunn or called Sally. Others say there was no one named Sally at all; the words are a corruption of "sol et lune," the French words for sun and moon that may have been used to describe the round shape of the buns, or perhaps a French word like "solimeme" for a type of brioche. All I know is this is the best Bread!!!My Recipe comes from my sister in law, who has had it in her family for generations.

Top Review by JOY1998

I really enjoyed making this bread. It makes a wonderfully rich bread. My dance teacher was thrilled when I gave her a loaf of this bread. I had never heard of Sally Lunn bread, but my dance teacher had. Thank you for posting this recipe.

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  1. In a small sauce pan add the milk and the butter, scald this mixture to 115F ( I Use a candy Thermometer to make sure of the degrees).
  2. Pull off the heat and beat 2 egg yolks.
  3. pour over the milk mixture when it has cooled to lukewarm.
  4. Add sugar, salt and yeast dissolved in 1/3 cup of warm water.
  5. In Separate bowl, add the Flour and then the milk mixture with the yeast mixture; stir until well mixed.
  6. Cover the dough with a warm wet cloth and let it rise until doubled. (About 2 hours).
  7. Punch down and divide in half. Place the two doughs in well greased pans and cover to let rise the second time (2 Hours).
  8. Preheat oven to 300°F.
  9. Place in oven of still covered for 45 minutes; turn up the oven to 350F degrees and brown for 15 minutes.
  10. Note: The more this bread ages the better it is, though hot out of the oven with some butter is fantastic!

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