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Oh! Oh! Yum! No stars yet, BUT...I'm so sure that there will be TONS of them! I have never used sweet soy sauce...usually just add a bit of sugar....but will buy some to use here. I will be back with a review!UPDATE 080508: Boy, I must be getting feeble-minded because I have a recipe for the sweet soy sauce that I even used in the past....just too much going on in my life....I guess. Okay, I made these yesterday, I did not have the flour that was in the recipe so I put together my own. That was probably a mistake because my buns were sticky, close to wet on the inside when done. I did use ground chicken instead of pork. My family liked it, so did I as far as the taste went, but not the texture. I served them with sweet and sour chicken, wilted lettuce and steamed jasmine rice. Also, instead of the wax paper, I covered the bottom of steamer basket with parchment paper. I base my five stars on the fact that if I liked them WITH my changes, they would certainly be tem stars WITHOUT! BTW, this is the sweet soy recipe,Sweeten Soy Sauce.

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Happy Harry #2 August 07, 2008
Salapow, Steam Buns, Dia Bao, or Dim Sum