Total Time
Prep 7 mins
Cook 5 mins

When I was about 10, my brother had his friend over and my sister and I volunteered to make them sandwiches. This is what we came up with. My husband loves it :)


  1. Fry the egg until the white is set, but not the yolk.
  2. To assemble the sandwich: spread one side of a slice of bread with mayo, top with salami and cheese, microwave for 15 seconds until cheese is soft.
  3. Cover with tomato slices.
  4. Spread another slice with mustard and hot mustard and place on top.
  5. Spread the top with mayo, put the egg on top.
  6. Carefully break the yolk, and spread the last slice with the egg yolk (this will prevent the yolk from breaking and making a mess on the plate).
  7. Put the lettuce on top of the egg, cover with the last slice.
  8. Enjoy!
Most Helpful

If I could give this more stars I would. My entire family loved it. I used only Dijon mustard (all I had) and didn't have lettuce, but the rest was just like najwa said. A new family favorite. Thanks najwa. chefly

Chefly August 27, 2007

I used to make something very similar to this as a kid too. I used Italian salami as opposed to the kosher beef salami which I never liked. I cooked the salami almost like crispy bacon, and added a fried egg white and some tabasco on a roll! I still treat myself once in a blue to one. Thx for posting recipe.

diest November 26, 2006