Salade Lyonnaise

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Total Time
10 mins
5 mins

I had this salad in a French bistro recently and I absolutely loved it. I love anything with arugula in it!

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  1. Mix the olive oil, the mustard, 2 tablespoons vinegar and one tablespoon chives to make a vinaigrette sauce.
  2. Cook the bacon until crisp in a non stick pan. Remove it but reserve the fat in it. Next, fry the bread until crisp in low heat.
  3. Boil some water and add the rest of the vinegar. Crack eggs one at a time, into a small cup. When water reaches a gentle simmer, pour each egg using the cup . Poach the eggs for 1.5 minute. Gently remove eggs to a plate.
  4. Use separate bowls for everyone. Divide arugula leaves in every bowl, add the sauce, the croutons, the bacon and one egg. Garnish with the rest of the chives and salt to taste.
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Aussie Swap#18: Delicious and unique salad!! Will definitely be making this again!!

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OMG!!! Croutons fried in bacon fat??!! Bacon, eggs, arugula??!! NIRVANA. I ate 2 portions because there was just 3 of us & I could have eaten more, it was SOOO good! You MUST dip a crisp crouton in the runny egg yolk....heavenly. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I need to make it again since I forgot your photo! Made for French Food & Foto Fun. :)