Recipe by UCGav

Basically I was hungry. My dad regularly makes Salads, but there's always that little bit left over that you can do anything with--well thats how i came up with this. It's cheap, quick and although it looks a little odd it tastes great.


  1. And anything else you care to throw inches.
  2. All measurements are at your discretion.
  3. Ok it may not sound appetizing but you'll get the image with the finished product.
  4. Start off with the tuna--drain it and put it in a bowl, a little vinegar to moisten it and then add the mayonnaise--basically make tuna mayonnaise.
  5. After that chop up one tomato into small strips/cubes and do the same with the cheese, ham, celery and cucumber.
  6. Throw all that into the mix and add a generous tablespoon of coleslaw and a smaller helping of cottage cheese and mix it up thoroughly.
  7. With this you can literally raid your cupboards and add anything you find.
  8. Pork Pies, Scotch eggs-- absolutely anything can go into this mix up, its basically a way of using up all those leftovers.
  9. One bowl can make about 6/8 generous sandwiches or even as a side dish and as long as you use the low fat substitutes for mayonnaise and cottage cheese etc. it's pretty healthy too.

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