Salad Greens With Oranges, Strawberries and Vanilla Vinaigrette

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

A delightful salad of mixed greens, oranges and strawberries topped off with a delicious vanilla vinaigrette. I got this recipe from McCormick's Cooking With Flavor cookbook.

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  1. Mix oil. vinegar, vanilla extract, salt, sugar and ground black pepper in small bowl with wire whisk until well blended.
  2. Toss greens with oranges, strawberries and pecans n large bowl (or divide among individual serving plates). Serve with vanilla vinaigrette.
Most Helpful

On vacation had a salad with baby spinach, goat cheese and cranberries served with vanilla vinegarette that was really good so searched for the dressing recipe so I could make it at home. This came out very well. I tried another vv recipe before this one and this one is better.

camohn October 07, 2013

What did it for me was the vanilla vinaigrette, it adds a wonderful twist to a pretty salad. The oranges and strawberries make this a nice healthy salad, can't wait to try this salad again when I can get fresh strawberries.

morgainegeiser February 23, 2012

Very good! This has been on my to-do list so long it's ridiculous! So glad I finally made it. I topped the salad off with some shredded Swiss Cheese and some leftover chicken breast making it a main dish for a yummy lunch today! I used romaine because that's what I had on hand, but next time I would definitely make it with mixed greens (that included arugula). Thanks for posting this simple and tasty recipe! JB

JanuaryBride September 28, 2011