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This is heaven in a salad bowl! This salad has boundless flavors and crunch as well as being so filling. I cut the recipe in half and doubled the romaine lettuce, also cut my cherry tomatoes in half as they were kind of big and used homemade croutons (a bit smaller than those big store bought ones that cut your mouth up). I served with some kamlamata olive French bread and wine making a meal fit for a king or queen (wink). I think if making for gest will bring to table in either clear bowl or large flat bowl undressed and dress at the table as it was quite pretty before the dressing was added. Thanks for the 10 star post.

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Debbwl June 25, 2013

I halved the recipe using some spring greens too, halved the tomatoes, didn't have Swiss cheese so used more Parmesan, and used veggie bacon. I did add a pinch of sugar to the dressing, I just like it that way. Thanks for a delicious salad, which I actually had for breakfast!

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Sharon123 May 29, 2014
Salad De La Maison