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What an absolutely fabulous recipe! I used Hawaiian Bread ... and it worked out wonderfully. I left them in the oven a lot longer than twenty minutes, and towards the end I even upped the heat to 400 because it just didn't look like the croutons were browning, and they still felt soft to the touch. After I took them out, though, they hardened up and are now crunchy, just the way I wanted them to be. I stored them in the refrigerator, because I made the Hawaiian bread with Splenda, so I wasn't sure where to put them! I was very liberal with the seasonings, but it balanced perfectly with the sweetness of the bread. I was surprised to find that these croutons didn't get instantly soggy in soup; they also didn't immediately sop up the dressing when tossed in a salad. Thanks for posting!!

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brokenburner January 01, 2009

Gotta agree with Uncle Syd on this. These are outstanding! Will never, ever, have store bought again. Just added some Mrs. Dash Original with the seasoning salt and garlic. Even when "dry" they are so much lighter than anything that you could buy. Thnx Very Much for posting. Adopted for Spring 2008 PAC.

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Darkhunter April 27, 2008

Now if I were to make croutons (before this recipe came to my attention!), I'd have made them with a wheat bread, as I've done before! But now, using Hawaiian bread, gives croutons a whole new light! THESE ARE GREAT, & I love the combination of the sweet bread & the garlic! I'd mixed together 1 tablespoon each of garlic powder & seasoned salt, & by the time I was through with the recipe, I'd used most of it! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed for one of my adopted chefs in this Spring's PAC]

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Sydney Mike April 15, 2008
Salad Croutons