Salad: Crispy Salad With Peanuts

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READY IN: 10mins
Recipe by David GM

Fresh flavoured and versatile. This salad can be served as a side with fish or as a lunch salad with a hard-boiled egg and/or canned tuna.

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  1. Prepare the salad:.
  2. Boil eggs, peel and leave to cool (if using).
  3. Wash the beansprouts and drain them.
  4. Slice the celery very thinly in half moon shapes and shred the carrot on the wide blade (making strips 1/2 inch wide or so - this looks more attractive and tastes crispier than regular grated carrot, which can become a little mushy).
  5. Make the dressing:.
  6. Finely grate the lemon rind (optional - though this does add a nice green speckled effect to the pale salad vegetables, squeeze the lime.
  7. Mix the lime juice, rind, olive oil and salt and pepper together.
  8. Toss through the salad (tossing again if leaving it in the fridge for a while before serving).
  9. Just before serving: optional - lightly chop the peanuts (each nut yielding 2 - 4 pieces). Mix the majority of the peanuts evenly through the salad and scatter the remainder over the top. (If making a central bowl of salad or serving as a lunch time salad, a sliced hard-boiled egg can also be added; slice and place to the side or on top).

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