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Inez, These are JUST wonderful. No they weren't wonderful, they were WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWZA!! My family LOVED them. We made the meat mixture into 'home-made' style sausages. The flavour of the sage through the pork was great. I used fresh sage so I increased the amount of sage to double the quantity used in recipe. The next night my son crumbed the sausages. Another outstanding recipe from your kitchen. Way to go Inez. Who wants bought sausages when you can make your own like these delicious darlinz. We will be keeping this recipe for sure.

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Chrissyo October 29, 2002

These tasted almost exactly like Jimmy Dean sausage which could come in handy when needing breakfast sausage for other recipes! Cheaper too! Thanks for sharing:)

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Ang11002 August 26, 2011

I fired up my Kitchen Aid mixer with the grinder attachment and put 2 1/4 lbs. of boneless pork loin into it and ground it twice with the herbs and spices. I added some extra black pepper and also added fennel seeds and dried crushed red pepper flakes. This was very good!! You know exactly what you're getting when you make it yourself. Thanks for a good recipe.

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luvmybge December 16, 2004
Saged Up Sausage