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I haven't made this, but is this description serious? Frankly, I'm sort of offended. I don't think Chinese people think of Americans as morons simply because we drink tea and coffee, and I don't like that you're implying that they would be right if they did. I'm sure sage is plenty healthy, but so are a lot of other herbal teas, and I've never gotten sick or gone insane because of the tea I buy at the store. Additionally, why do you claim that sage is so inexpensive compared to tea? At the stores I go to, it's $11 for a jar of sage and $3-5 for a box of tea. A simple list of the potential remedies we can get from sage would have been much more appropriate.

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Edana June 10, 2010

i tried this recipe because i have lots and lots of sage. it was absolutely delicious! not sure what the health benefits are of sage tea, but i have enjoyed drinking a bit with honey and lemon. for the record, science has proven countless times the health benefits of drinking black, green or white tea (it all comes from the same plant, just is harvested at different times.) science prevails again!

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maryjanejam July 18, 2013

I have also not made this tea, but would like to second Edana's review. As someone with medical training, I would like to clarify the claim that "American tea" is a cause of insanity is completely unfounded and reflects some of the horrible misinformation that is spread about mental illness. To be perfectly honest, most of those claims cannot be supported by any research I am aware of. I'm sure this tea is delicious, and may in fact calm the stomach, but in the future please think twice before furthering the amount of misinformation out there.

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R.Stork January 09, 2013

Sage tea mixed with a groovy benadryl chaser. Now THAT's one relaxant. Just kidding, but not about making it for PRMR. Good stuff.

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gailanng August 05, 2011

The tea is amazing and I have been drinking it for a very long time. The description is a bit overamped. The Chinese do not buy sage from America because they grow BETTER sage in China. Black tea does not cause insanity. Many Chinese drink black tea and even coffee and do not make fun of Americans for drinking it. Also, Chinese drink far more Oolong and Pur Eh tea than sage tea. Sage is used in Chinese medicine as a remedy, not a cure all. I know your heart was in the right place but a bit misguided.
Sage tea should also not be drunk in certain cases. A pregnant woman, for instance, with a risk for miscarriage, should think twice about sage until delivery.

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The Organic Blonde June 06, 2011

Tea is okay, but the description? We're not at odds with the Chinese over tea and, knowing personally people who are Chinese living in China, don't think they make fun of us because we drink black pekoe instead of sage. It doesn't make us sick either, and it certainly doesn't cause insanity! And Im getting that from my psychology degree.

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Kaseysospacey May 26, 2010

Interesting flavour, different than anything I'm used to as tea but if it is healthy I would drink it more often. It is relaxing. I used dried sage, spring water and both optionals. I liked the taste the lemon brought to this tea a lot. I steeped it for 4 minutes to be cautious. I may make this again for its health benefits if I verify them. Made for Comfort Cafe - Snow Queens Round 01/10.

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UmmBinat January 16, 2010

Earthy and soothing, as commented before.

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rosslare January 12, 2010

I'd just been reading a book published in the late 1800s, The American Frugal Housewife (cuz I love that sort of thing), and the authoress had mentioned sage tea as a good way to deal with night sweats. Now I, being a woman in her 40s, have just started suffering through those... along with the extra loads of laundering they produce. (Not to mention the liver-cleansing benefits which I, a lover of a good martini, am always on the lookout for!) So, hey, I decided, why not Google a recipe for sage tea? I was thrilled to find one already posted on 'Zaar and with all these helpful reviews, too! Ten minutes later, I was enjoying this yummy tea dosed with a bit of lemon and a jigger of some amazing local honey. Love, love, love this. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!!!!!

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VenomousKate August 03, 2009

Nice, even without the honey and lemon. Thank you for the suggestion Sharon.

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dogsandwoods June 26, 2009
Sage Tea