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We love sweet potatoes and this recipe was certainly a yummy way to cook them. Loved the sage on these, but then I am partial to sage. I used less sugar, salt and pepper, basically halving each of these: personal taste preference. We did very much enjoy the blend of flavours. I took heed of IngridH's review and knowing also that sweet potato can take a while to cook through, I cut the fries fairly thin... and they were well cooked within 35 minutes. Having zero tolerance for anything hot, I made the herb mayonnaise dipping sauce (using a low-fat mayonnaise and again with only about half the salt specified) which I made with regular basil as I'm unfamiliar with Thai basil. Both the fries and the dipping sauce were delicious! Thanks for sharing this great recipe, Sharon. Made for Newest Zaar Tag.

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bluemoon downunder April 06, 2009

I'm sorry to say that I was not impressed with this recipe. I usually love sweet potato fries, but these just didn't deliver. The cooking time is too short, after thirty minutes, I could just barely poke with a fork. After another 10, they were somewhat soft, but still not truly done. I didn't feel that the flavors of the sugar and sage really melded with the potato, they were more like another dipping sauce that the potatoes were cooked in. Maybe increasing the oven temp or the cooking time would help pull the flavors together as the sweet potatoes get soft. I made a quarter recipe of each dipping sauce, and still felt that there was way too much, although they had good flavor. I'd make them again to dip other things. If you don't like firey spice, cut down the amount of sriracha- this much is very, very spicy. Made for PRMR tag.

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IngridH March 10, 2009
Sage Sweet Potato Fries With Dipping Sauces