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A more autentic way to make this is to cut the cheese into wedges,dip in the beaten egg coat with lightly seasoned flour& put on a lines cookie sheet & freeze the cheese. This can be done at the time the cheese is bought & have it ready for when to mood strikes you. To cook heat some olive oil in a heavy skillet. When it is sizzling carefully lay the frozen cheese wedges into the skillet. Lets one side brown throughly to a medium brown then turn over carefully an fry other side. Freezing the cheese allows it to get brown & crispy on the outside, warm & melted on the inside. Serve with crusty french bread

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Oh, wonderful! I love this! No kefalotyri, used a combo of reggiano and queso frier. This is SO good!

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Queen Dragon Mom May 03, 2005

Prepared this omelette style with a ratio of 1/2 T. olive oil and 1/2 T. butter and I, too cut the recipe in half. Used halloumi sliced up for the cheese and it was my first time cooking with it. Although the cheese spread out a little with frying, it maintained its shape.(All praise to the Greek chese gods.) The cheese is so salty that I omitted the salt in the recipe. Added a sprinkling of fresh chopped Greek oregano from the garden to the top of each serving for nice contrast .It's official: our kitty is half Greek, half French. Once she got a whiff of my cooking this morning with anything dairy she was a demanding little feline. Kitty loves feta and Stilton bleu cheese and now add to the list halloumi. She takes after her mama. ;)

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COOKGIRl April 17, 2005

Made this recipe for DH and myself for breakfast today. It's a kind of breakfast we often enjoy here in Greece. I must say I cut all the ingredients in half except for the eggs. I used about 125 grams of cheese (just over 4 oz) for the both of us, and that was generous, and 1 tblsp butter (olive oil is a great sub). I used kefalograviera, which is a cross between standard kefalotiri and greek gruyere, cut in slices rather than chunks. The cheese got nice and melty in the pan and, when it had crusted over on one side, I broke the eggs in (didn't bother to brown the cheese on both sides). Lots of pepper and a bare sprinkling of salt on the yolks and we were set for a hearty breakfast.

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evelyn/athens April 09, 2005

I really liked this (as did my husband), but do agree it is very rich. I used parmesan, rather than kefalotyri, so I don't know how authentic the flavor was. Since the recipe instructions are not real detailed, this is what I did: Heated butter on med-hi, added the cheese that was cut in about 1/2 inch chunks; browned, turned over (this got pretty messy), fried a little longer and then added eggs that had been lightly beaten. I reduced the heat a bit & just scrambled as usual.I added a lot of freshly ground black pepper, but no salt because the parmesan was plenty salty. It needs to be served/eaten immediately, or at least while still very warm. I halved the recipe and it was plenty for my husband and me, since it is so rich.

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GaylaJ April 09, 2005

While this recipe was tasty, I found it too heavy for my taste. I used Grana Padano cheese since I don't know where to get kefalotyri in my area. It was soft while it was hot but became very hard as it cooled. We had it for supper but it would be too much for me personally to eat for breakfast.

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Irmgard April 07, 2005
Saganaki - (Fried Cheese With Egg)