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I used a stainless steel pan, and didn't have any problem removing them from the pan or lighting the fire, altho I was shocked at how high the flame went--and I even blotted out all the olive oil before setting it. I used ouzo for the right square and Metaxa brandy on the left to see which one we preferred. I think the ouzo was actually the best. One star taken off for no specs on how high the heat should be. On the one hand, it removed easily from the pan, which mean my heat was high enough to get a good sear and ensure easy removal. On the other hand, it wasn't as melted inside as much as I would have liked. But anyway, what an experience. My sister said she would have paid $1 to watch. ZWT9

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Debbie R. July 23, 2013

this is the perfect recipe for the saganaki thank you so much it was the exact one I was looking for

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bparise July 30, 2015

Perfect! I used a well seasoned cast iron skillet and did this exactly as the recipe said. I did pour out the excess oil before lighting and still had a nice sized flame. Used brandy because that's what I had on hand. Real easy to make

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swein563 February 15, 2015

I made this for ZWT9 Vegan challenge.I used a vegan cheese, "sheesh" to substitute the cheese in the recipe, which I bought from a specialty market/shop this morning.I also used the olive oil and used corn flour as a substitute for the regular flour, a vegan brandy and pita bread to serve.<br/>The sheesh browned up very nicely in the hot oil and the sheesh looked impressive.<br/>The brandy flame was wonderful and looked fantastic!<br/>DD enjoyed the vegan cheese, but I am afraid I was not overly impressed.<br/>But in saying that I am going to remake this recipe using the cheese stated.

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Tisme July 29, 2013
Saganaki: Flaming Cheese