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THIS...IS......OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! Have only two people here, but I knew we'd love it so i made the whole amount so we'd have leftovers. This dish filled my apartment with heavenly scents.. we couldnt wait to dig in!!! The chicken takes on a beautiful color and magnificent flavor!! The times were very accurate... and the ingredients were just perfect. Thanks for this wonderful recipe Jan. This is a keeper!!! I will make it OVER and Over and over again! :-)

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love4culinary October 10, 2003

I made a healthier version of this using sliced boneless skinless chicken breasts, less butter, and half the salt, and it was fantastic! My husband ranks it as one of his favorite dishes, and it freezes very well too. I serve it over basmati rice with a side of okra and tomatoes.

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emfesz May 27, 2007

I do not like meat. I threatened the family if they ate the last piece of chicken. Thanks so much for this recipe...It's nice to enjoy eating the same thing everyone else eats sometimes!

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Three Kids Make Me Crazy October 19, 2012

Did not like this at all; there is some spice in here that no one in my family liked. Someone mentioned that they didn't like cardamon as a spice and I am wondering if that is it. It's a spice I have had before (used) and didn't like. I have and like saffron rice so I don't think it's that. Either way, it was gross; tasted almost metallic with a blend of melted plastic. Not good!

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mymommyisdearest March 08, 2010

Great recipie. I've made this twice and both times the people I made it for raved about it. I use skinned chicken legs. Comes out very good.

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brandidt September 13, 2009

What a wonderful recipe !! Made recipe as is, with no adjustments. I agree, that the aroma/scent is fantastic, and we couldn't wait to dig in. Made with a combo of chicken breasts, and drumsticks. One of the best here. Made for AUZ/NZ swap#30.

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weekend cooker July 08, 2009

oh so good ! The whole family LOVED it. The spice combo was perfect. So smooth, mellow, aromatic. Even though saffron is SO expensive, it's SO worth it . I made it with skinnedchicken thighs otherwise followed the recipe as writen. It needed a little more liquid for the sauce but still...it was great ! It's a new favorite.

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grandmafrances2 January 29, 2009

This was a great recipe! I found it really easy to make and everyone liked it. I did not add the chili peppers because the kids would have turned up their nose and I added the salt after cooking, personal taste. Like another reviewer said, I think this would be operfect with maybe a coconut milk and yogurt addition to the liquids while cooking with some cornstarch to thicken it up a bit more into a gravy. It was not dry and I didn't add water and it wasn't needed. I also must say that 3 lbs of chicken equalled four large chicken breasts, so this makes quite a bit. I would say this makes more like 6 to 8 servings. Thanks for a great recipe!

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pixieglenn August 25, 2008

nice. i wound up putting the onion mixture in the blender so that it would have a bit of gravy and not be too dry. i also added a heaping spoonful of chili paste to spice it up. i'll probably add a little yoghurt next time for creaminess. it goes really well with KITTENCAL's Golden Couscous.

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Odd Job June 22, 2008

So gentle and subtle but so flavourful - this a fabulous chicken dish! I used some 550 g boneless chicken breasts but the full amount of spices (did cut down on the salt some!). I, too, worried that the dish looked a bit dry for simmering, but really, it will work out as written: I added about 50 ml of water and I certainly would not have needed it! Served with basmati rice and did miss some sort of sauce with this; I might give the coconut milk approach a try the next time. But even as-is, this a wonderful dish. Thank you so mucn for sharing!

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stormylee May 29, 2008
Saffron Chicken