Safe Cheap Effective Kitchen Sink & Drain Unclogger

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READY IN: 6mins
Recipe by the80srule

Is your kitchen sink running slow and/or stopping up all the time due to a clog from accumulated food scraps? Don't waste money or take risks with harsh chemical cleaners-- I have done this method myself and it really works. This uses just two common household items that are very cheap, and water; so anything you put in the sink afterward won't be contaminated with chemicals! And seriously, this works!!!


  1. Remove all objects from the sink, and wait for the standing water to go down. If there is standing water in the sink, it won't work.
  2. Put the vinegar into a tall measuring cup or measure out the vinegar and put it into a tall container-- If you have a really serious clog, up the proportion to 1-2 cups of each. The proportion is all the same.
  3. MAKE SURE everything is all clear-- because once you mix the baking soda into the vinegar it must be used IMMEDIATELY! It will foam up very high (remember the innumerable volcano science fair projects from the late 70s/early 80s?) and when it does this you have to pour it right away in order to remove the clog. If you wait too long, it won't do anything.
  4. Pour the foaming mixture right down the clogged drain. Rinse out any baking soda stuck in the cup with hot water pour down as well.
  5. Run your hot water tap and let it run continuously until the sink is filled about halfway. Don't worry, it's doing its work.
  6. Just stand back and let the compound and water take its course for a couple minutes, it'll take longer if it's a really big clog. Mine clogs horrendously but only takes about 5 minutes.
  7. Eventually, the sink will run clear. Run some more water over any leftover baking soda bits, or use those bits to clean up any crud left in the sink!

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