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I halved the recipe and cooked in a 9" round cake pan. I completely forgot the sesame seeds- I can see how they would be a nice addition, but this was also good without. This has a strong honey flavor and a light cake-like texture. The rye gives this a 'dark' undertone, without tasting too savory. The crystallized honey (?) and the oats provide a bit of crispness and chewiness, which is nice. This didn't rise too high due to the fact that there's no leavening, but the egg white kept the texuture light. I think that this is too sweet, for my tastes- I would consider this much more a honey cake, than rye-oatmeal bars... the primary flavor is honey and the texture, as I said before is more cake than the denser bars I am used to. Overall, not bad, but not something I would make again.

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Roosie November 17, 2004
Rye-Oatmeal Bars