Total Time
2hrs 55mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 2 hrs 45 mins

Recipe for bread machine. This bread is a light rye and we like using it for patty melts and rueben sandwiches.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Heat water.
  2. Add ingredients in order your bread machine instucts, mine calls for the liquids first.
  3. Set machine on whole wheat medium cycle: at the beep check dough, you may add bread flour or water 1T at a time to adjust consistency of dough.
  4. Wait for the bread to finish baking: ENJOY!
Most Helpful

*Outstanding* I tried really really hard to wait to have a piece with dinner, but it smelled so good I couldn't wait! I do not have an ABM so I had to adjust the technique a little. I put the warm water in the bowl of my mixer and sprinkled the yeast over it. After about 5 minutes my yeast started to foam and I then added the remaining ingredients in the order listed in the recipe. I beat the dough with a dough hook on speed 4 for 5 minutes and I did add an additional cup of bread flour. The dough was still a bit tacky but I left it be. I greased a large bowl with olive oil and added the dough, flipping it over to oil all sides. I covered loosely with plastic wrap and let rise for 1 hour in a warm place. After the hour I punched the dough down (it rose nicely) and formed into an oblong loaf on a cookie sheet lightly sprinkled with cornmeal. I sprayed the same platic wrap with cooking spray and lightly covered the loaf. It was ready to bake in 32 minutes. I scored the loaf a few time with a sharp knife and spritzed with cold water. I baked the bread at 400 F and spritzed with cold water at 3 minutes, 6 minutes, and 9 minutes. I continued baking for an additional 16 minutes (25 minutes total baking)until it sounded hollow when tapped. Basically I followed bread baking techniques I have seen here on Zaar. You have a winner of a recipe here Susie, I am saving it to my Favorites Cookbook :) Thanks so much for sharing- Nick's Mom

Brenda. December 02, 2007

Oh, WONDERFUL rye bread. I made it on Saturday and it was so good right out of the oven that I stood there and had three big pieces. Then I was so full that I was done for the day, but what a way to go. (grin) It is a very wet dough, so I ended up tossing in about a half cup of leftover oat flour to get it to gather, which gave the finished loaf a gorgeous coarseness that I loved. I'm not a fan of caraway, so I used dried minced onion flakes instead. Baked at 350 for about 50-55 minutes. Delicious fresh, toasted, dipped into soup, and any other way you can think to eat it. This will definitely be a regular for me.

Erin R. February 02, 2010

This was perfect and I didn't have to add any more flour. The bread didn't taste like it was made in an ABM-because let's face it, it's obvious when many breads are made in an ABM . Fresh sage from our garden although next time I would either increase the amount or skip it because I couldn't taste the sage. Dark balsamic, Barbados-style molasses, local butter. Perfect accompaniment to soup. Reviewed for our VIP for Veg Tag/October.

COOKGIRl October 03, 2011