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This is a very good recipe! I use to buy "European Rye" made with sourdough starter from a small local market that carried a bakery bread from a place in Macedonia, OH. called Reineker's Bakery. But the store shut down. I had to make some adjustments in measurements because both white and rye flours vary greatly from brand to brand. So I had to increase the white flour to equal the amount of rye flour and I reduced the amount of water from 400 ml to about 275 ml. Any more and my dough became much to soft to hold it's shape. But once I did that I had an excellent dough to work with. I am also using a sourdough starter(Biga)that came with a Ciabatta bread recipe because this starter only takes 12 hours to ripen for bread making and can be kept up to a week under refridgeration with out feeding. This has a nice texture and good rye flavor. Thanks for sharing this WendyinGermany.

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bshemyshua December 07, 2006
Rye Bread