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Thank you for sharing this terrific recipe Mia. I enjoyed it so much. I agree with Karen, I would make this anytime, not just for special occasions. It is so pretty. It was so quick and easy to make with excellent results. The rice was perfectly cooked, with a lovely candy crust over the raisins and nuts. Loved the textures and the sweet, salty nutty flavor. I can't wait till dinner tonight, I'm having the rest of this lovely rice with my pork roast tonight. Made FYC Tag Game 2015.

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Baby Kato April 14, 2015

Mia, this is not only simple and delicious, but such a fab presentation, I showed the photo to my friend who was, like, WOW ( and its a very ordinary photo ;) ) I would do this for guests on any occasion, makes rice something really special. I made this just for us and we so enjoyed it, and of course, I had lots, the extra is in the fridge and I could of course freeze it , or, I'll use it, maybe for fried rice -- I dont generally like raisins but I did really enjoy this whole concept. Thank you Mia, a very WOW recipe!!! :) Made for Consideration tag game.

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Karen Elizabeth September 29, 2014
Ruzz Bi I Mukassarat - Egyptian Rice With Nuts