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Next time I bake this bread - it'll be 5 star! I'll reduce the kosher salt to 2 1/2 teaspoons & we will be there. This bread has a lovely crumb - I did use ap flour but subbed 1 cup of King Arthur's white ww flour & added a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten. Opted to use Panasonic bread machine for the mixing & took it out 30 minutes before end of dough cycle as the dough was to the top of the machine! Used 2 large loaf pans dusted with semolina flour & let the dough go a bit more than double. Baked at 375 degree oven 35 minutes - perfect! Browned top & awesome beckoning smell - DH convinced me to cut after only 20 minutes...will use unsalted butter with this batch...will be making this as a standard (with all the peels on LOL). Thank you P4 for a keeper!

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Buster's friend June 04, 2008

I thought this bread was pretty tasty. But I did have isues with the dough. Mine was very wet. I made 1 big round loaf with it.

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Linajjac January 28, 2008

I've never had bread that tasted so much of potatoes - really liked that. I made it in my breadmachine, just sliced up the boiled potatoes (after peeling, I really do not like the skins in this)and let the machine go. I stood there looking at it, all dry and crumbly, but when I came back towards the end of the mixing cycle, it really looked amazing. However, it was too soft to hold its shape, and I ended up with very flat, pancake like loaves. Ate 'em anyway and they taste great. But I think I'd bake them in a loaf pan, or add just a bit more flour so that they would hold their shape.UPDATE: I made this again using bread flour, and as you can see from photo, this looks like a bread. I would like to make it with ap flour again, as it was a bit more tender, but I would shape it in a banneton.

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duonyte January 27, 2007

This bread was very good. We made it twice -- the first exactly as written; the dough was still very wet, and I didn't care for the skins in the loaves. For the second batch, I baked the potatoes instead of boiling, and the dough was much easier to handle. We will definitely be making this again and again.

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KrisLady February 22, 2005
Rustic Potato Loaves