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The best! My husband asked that I close the stromboli because it "just wouldn't be the same" to him. I used frozen bread dough and in hindsight I wouldn't again b/c it was impossible to roll out. I will use pizza dough next time making sure that it is pretty thin. I messed up your instructions by brushing with olive oil before baking and I'm glad I did because it gave it a rich brown color that looked wonderful. To prepare, I got out my little saucepan and cooked the sausage, removed it, cooked sliced red bell pepper, removed it, etc. Until all the ingredients were cooked and ready for assembly. This was very easy to assemble and tasted fabulous. The pepperoni, mushrooms, onios and sausage made a savory filling. I did use plain mozzarella and regular sausage so we it wasn't spicy. Thanks!

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Petite Mommy August 19, 2006
Rustic Pizza/Stromboli