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What an easy, lovely side dish! I was looking around for Russian recipes using what i had in the house in honor of the Olympic games in Sochi. I had a few very nice tomatoes that needed to get used so this was perfect! I used 1 garlic clove spread out over 3 small tomatoes, sliced. A sandwich baggie worked fine for me except I cut the hole too big & ended up with blobs of mayo. I then sprinkled on some dried dill. Everyone loved it. Thank you!

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Elmotoo February 09, 2014

I liked GaylaJ's idea of mixing the mayo with the garlic. I've made this with the dill but also like with oregano or basil. This is a good appetizer or side to a simple grilled steak or chicken. I didn't pipe anything either as it seemed too much like work but a little dab in the middle of the tomato or in the middle of a plate of tomatoes looks attractive enough when sprinkled with herbs. It seems the simple things are always the best. Thanks for posting.

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Ilysse June 27, 2008

I love this one too, I've been making it for years. I usually don't bother with piping and just spoon bits of mayo on first, then sprinkle with crushed garlic. Those who dislike dill can leave it out, it's still a pretty-looking dish and tastes surprisingly yummy for something so simple. Presentation can be jazzed up with sprigs of curly-leaf parsley.

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tanya_g December 26, 2006

Attractive way to serve fresh, in-season tomatoes. I was in a bit of a hurry when I prepared this, but if you have the time and inclination, you could easily make a very artful presentation. Not being a fan of plain mayonnaise, I minced the optional garlic and mixed it with the mayo (Hellmann's Light) before putting it on the tomatoes. I really enjoyed it that way, and the dill added such nice color and flavor. This was one of my choices for the Pick A Chef game--thanks for sharing the recipe!

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GaylaJ October 04, 2006
Russian Tomato Salad