Russian Salad (Aka Olivie)

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Total Time
20 mins
20 mins

Traditional Russian salad (aka Olivie).

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  1. Boil potatoes, carrots and eggs. Cut everything (potato, carrots, eggs, chicken, pickles, cucumber) into small cubes. Cut cilantro as well. Through everything into large bowl (including sweet peas, make sure to drain them). For even better results cover the bowl and place in refrigerator 1 to 2 hours. Take it out. Immediately prior to serving add sour cream, mayonnaise and salt and mix everything. Serve chilled (usually with thinly sliced freshly backed bread).
  2. Notes:.
  3. Chicken can be replaced with turkey, beef or bologna. Pickles can be replaced with marinated mushrooms.
  4. For reacher flavor can add (1) green or regular onion (small quantity), or (2) half of finely cut apple.