Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is my mother, Stacey Leon's, traditional Russian Easter dessert served with Easter bread (Kulich). I always had a difficult time making this before I started using this recipe. If you don't have a cheese mold, use a clay flower pot.

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  1. Melt butter.
  2. add sour cream and eggs.
  3. Stir constantly over a low heat until it looks like loosley scrambled eggs.
  4. Remove and cool.
  5. In a large size mixing bowl, mix egg mixture with sugar, vanilla and farmer's cheese. Beat well on a low speed.
  6. Drape a cheese cloth over a large cheese mold or clay flower pot with hole on the bottom.
  7. Put weights on top to squeeze out excess water.
  8. Refrigerate 24 hours.
  9. Unmold.