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This recipe worked out wonderfully for us. I made a few adjustments while cooking it, merely to add a bit of my own personality to it. I began by sauteing the onion with garlic in olive oil. While adding the carrots, I also included chopped red pepper. I seasoned the veggie mixture with coarse pepper and sea salt. I used Colby as my "mild white cheese" and added less then the suggested 1/2 cup. For baking I used fluffernutter's suggested "Crunchy Nut Pie Pastry" (Crunchy Nut Pie Pastry) and still had enough filling left to do more, so I poured some into small tins to make a couple of "crust-less tartlets". I sprinkled a dusting of raw sesame seeds over all three pie plates and added raisins and wheat germ to the smaller two (kind of giving them a bit of a crusty topping). I found I had to increase the baking time a lot more than was suggested (about an additional 30mins.); however, I'm sure that had to do with my temperamental oven and it's quality of heating!!! The main pie worked lovely as a delicious and filling entree and the mini tarts were great used in a warm spinach salad. Definitely a keeper of a recipe and one that could allow further experimentation as far as veggies and additives used (think of different quiche like applications; I'm dying to try shrooms) as well as other pie crust ideas!! Great filling fun - Thanks fluffernutter!!!

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free-free May 07, 2007
Russian Carrot Tart