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was in a rush tonight because I had plans to read a book I had picked up at Books-a-million this noon, so, luckily since I had a can of chickpeas in my fridge, I knew this was the recipe for the last meal of the day:) I had to make a few substitutions, but they seemed to fit the recipe well. I used black pepper as a substitute for the cayenne pepper and paprika and fat-free plain yogurt instead of cream to make it less in fat/calories. I didn't use any hot chili oil. Since I did not have sambhar powder on hand, I used MTR rasam powder as a substitute! Also, on tasting the curry I realised salt was missing. LOL. So, I added a tsp. of salt. I realised that it was missing in the ingredient list and had missed my mind too. LOL:) I garnished this curry with fresh chopped corriander leaves before serving. This recipe was made in no time and my brother enjoyed it for dinner with hot rotis with a little ghee spread over them. Thanks Angela for a good and easy recipe. Will definitely make this again!

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Charishma_Ramchandani May 23, 2004
Rushin' Chickpea Curry!